Arclight Ophthalmoscope-Loupe-Otoscope

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A pocket all-in-one ophthalmoscope-loupe-otoscope for the 21st century – an innovative and easy to use tool for examining the front and back of the eye and the ear canal.

Ideal for doctors (including GPs and Paediatricians), Nurses, Midwives and trainees as well as specialists (ophthalmologists, optometrists).

Shown to be as effective as traditional direct ophthalmoscopes.

Easy to use - Intuitive operation. View the optic nerve or ear drum first time with no fuss.

Portable – fits in a pocket or around the neck.

Value for moneymultiple features for a competitive price 

3 LED lights - warm white, daylight-white and blue. Precise diagnosis needs outstanding illumination. Low in infra-red and ultra-violet for comfort and safety. No replacing blown blubs.

Rechargeable: solar or USB – 20 mins charge with USB C or solar charge in a few hours – for a ‘normal’ day’s work or a week of casual use.

Supports eye and ear health in low-income settings – we are a social enterprise whose profits fund equipping and training health workers to diagnose and manage eye and ear disease in low-income countries.


The Arclight has 3 modes:  default, eye specialist and ear specialist. Lights come on in different orders and brightness in each mode. 

User guide, 'how to' videos and clinical training videos are available from the Instructions section.


Pack includes:

  • Arclight device
  • 2 specula: 4.5mm (for adults) + 2.5mm (for infants)
  • USB charging cable
  • Lanyard
  • Phone Clip
  • Cloth visual acuity chart
  • Reading chart
  • Quick guide instructions
  • Fabric case


Please note:

  • We cannot currently sell/deliver these devices to USA, Canada or the EU.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Malcolm Maciver (Specialist Optometrist, UK)
Great little Ophthalmoscope

Working in a regional cover role, there are occasions where I'm separated from my kit, this device serves as a great little back up instrument for routine patient care - would highly recommend as a back up.

Iain Mellis
Great little Ophthalmoscope with a surprisingly good view.

This gives me a better view than my old pocket ophthalmoscope. I showed a students I get in practice from the local university Optometry department and he went out and bought one straight away too! The practices eyes are pretty cool too. I'm going to print off a load of different pathologies to swap into them.

Dr N H van Ginneken
I love this nifty little combined otoscope and ophthalmoscope

It takes a little while to get used to all the settings but it is very handy to have a 2 in one. it works just as well as any other otoscope, and it can be attached to a camera to take pictures if need be (eg for referrals).

The only inconvenience is the fact they dont use the standard earpieces that most other otoscopes take so you have to buy your own, but if you wash and reuse, this cuts down on single use plastics/waste and means it is very seldom you have to order more ear pieces.


Took a little to figure how it works,but love it!! Yet to try on a baby :))

Great bit of kit

UK GP after a lightweight and compact diagnostic set came across Arclight. Ordering, dispatch and delivery were great.
The Arclight itself is really simple to use and provides far better than expected views of TMs and fundi. It is so easy to use that even my 9 year old was able (with some coaching!) to visualise my retina! Various GP colleagues and practice nurses were also surprised and impressed by the quality of views given.
Only slight downside to be aware of is that, as it is conveniently small, it initially felt a bit fiddly in big hands but I’m used to it now.
The biggest endorsement I can give is that, after a couple of weeks of use, the Arclight has replaced my Welch-Allyn otoscope and ophthalmoscope for regular use.