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LED lights

The Arclight has 3 LED lights: warm white, daylight-white and blue.
More on LED lights

3 modes: default, eye specialist and ear specialist

The Arclight has 3 modes - lights come on in different orders and brightness in each mode.
More on changing modes

Ophthalmoscope lenses

There are are corrective lenses ( -3, -6 and +4) but we recommend using the top (no lens position) as standard.
More on lens settings


Attaching specula enables the Arclight to operate as an otoscope.
More on the otoscope

Additional features

The Arclight has lots of additional handy features including a ruler and convergence target.
More on additional features

Power & charging

When charging - either through the USB or solar panel a green light comes on.
More on charging

Phone clip

With the phone clip attached to your mobile phone you can take videos and pictures with the Arclight.
More on phone clip

Cloth visual acuity chart

The portable 3m visual acuity chart has both Snellen and LogMAR values.
More on visual acuity chart

Training videos

Many clinical training videos are available on both the Arclight Project website and on Geeky Medics