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Can I return or exchange my order?

Please visit our returns page to see how you return or exchange your order.

Can I track my order?

We send all of our orders tracked. When we dispatch your order, you will receive an email with your tracking number and information on how to track your order.

Do I need to set up an account to place an order?

If you would like an order without creating an account, you can simply choose to ‘checkout as guest’ before reviewing your order. You will need to provide an email address to receive your order confirmation.

How to use the Arclight for the best view and results?

Slide the lenses to the top 0 (no lens) position – best for viewing for the fundus of a normally sighted person or when the overall refraction is about -2 and into the plus range. If the patient has glasses, then examine through them. The device is very thin, so you can hold the device close to your eye and get close to the patient’s eye.

Do the lights both come on at once?

When in default mode, both of the lights come on together. Just cover the unwanted light with your hand. If preferred, you can change to ‘eye’ or ‘ear’ mode with separate lights.

Is the Arclight still functional if there is a small scratch on the loupe lens?

During use, you’ll be holding the device close to your own eye and getting close to a patient’s eye, so the scratch shouldn’t obstruct the view.

What to do if I’ve lost my charging cable?

The USB cable which is used to charge the Arclight is a common USB C cable which can be found in many shops.

Are there any detailed instructions?

There are lots of instructions and useful ‘how to’ videos available on the Arclight website.

Are the specula disposable?

They are made from tough plastic which can be easily cleaned, so they should last for years. Cross infection must be balanced with cost, convenience, environmental impact of disposable items and the low overall risk. However, there are spares available.

Will the battery need replacing?

No. The simple design requires a sealed enclosure. A limitation will always be the battery chemistry, however. It will self-discharge little by little every day and be usable for up to 3 months. They are best revived when ‘dead’ by using the USB cable for a few minutes. The life of the battery will depend on the heat it has been exposed to, how often it has been charged and discharged, however it should last at least 2 years of general use.

What is power saving mode?

Power saving mode is a useful tool that has been integrated into the Arclight system to protect the battery. Power saving mode will kick in if the Arclight hasn’t been used in a few weeks. This may mean before the next use; the Arclight will need to be put on charge for a few hours.