Arclight LED lights

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The Arclight includes 3 LED lights

  1. Warm white light for ophthalmoscope
  2. Bright white light for otoscope / loupe
  3. Blue light for loupe and use with sodium fluorescein (NaFl) drops

Robust ‘daylight’ white LEDs give superb true-colour rendering of external tissues whereas softer ‘warm’ white light is better for examining the fundus. Because LEDs are low in infrared, ultraviolet, and short-wavelength blue light this gives both a safe and comfortable examination.

Different levels of brightness are available for both white lights.

Warm white light (ophthalmoscope):

  • The highest brightness level is ideal for assessing the fundal or red reflex
  • Lower brightness level works well for fundoscopy (viewing the back of the eye)


Bright white light:

  • Highest brightness level ideal for otoscopy
  • Lower brightness level ideal for using as a loupe to view the anterior segment (front of the eye)


Flashing lights:

  • This setting acts as an attraction or fixation target – especially for children


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