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Arclight - Ophthalmoscope-Loupe-Otoscope

Our Arclight is perfect for novices or specialists. They are easy to use and don't require replacement bulbs, only a charge using a USB!

Arclight in 60 seconds

What Is Arclight?

The Arclight is a product from St Andrews Medical Innovations, who are a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of St Andrews.  

The Arclight is sold to high income countries at a higher price means we can sell it at a subsidised price to low-income countries.  

The Arclight was created with low-income countries in mind. It is small and compact unlike other ophthalmoscopes, meaning it doesn’t take up a lot of space and is portable.  

It can also be difficult for people in low-income countries to get proper training and qualifications. Due to the Arclight being inexpensive compared to other medical devices but still the same high standard, means it can also be used effectively train people. 


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