Ophthalmoscope light & lenses

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Use the low brightness light to see the macula in smaller undilated pupils or with light sensitive patients. The high beam light is ideal for a wider general examination with larger or dilated pupils.

We recommend leaving the lens slide set to the top (no lens position) as this is most commonly used If the person has glasses or contact lenses it is best to examine through them but the other lenses are also available if the person has uncorrected refractive error.

Suggested lens settings from +10 to -8 using the Arclight lenses

Lens slide settings:

  • Lens slide fully up: sets the 0 (no lens) – best for viewing the fundus of a normally sighted person or when the overall refraction is about -2 and into the plus range.
  • Lens slide fully down: sets the +4 lens – ideal to see the media and reflex. It also helps see the fundus of hyperopic eyes easier.
  • Between: are two minus lenses (-3 & -6) to get a better view of the fundus of myopes and the dot setting is equal to zero (but the best view for 0 refraction is with no lens at all).

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